Friday, April 17, 2009

Create Comics Afterschool

I mentioned about internet resources for comic creation in an earlier post. But this one is different: it is about creating paper and pen comics - and, more importantly for a purpose.

A good way to get children think about issues - development, environment, poverty, peace... is to get them to communicate about them in creative ways. What better way than a comic strip?

World Comics India has a simple, to-the-point manual to help you get started. It gives useful tips on creating comics (do check out the pages on Common Errors). Here is the link to the manual.

High School Math for Afterschool

Sometimes you just stumble upon a fabulous website - you wonder how you missed it for so long! Here is a very rich and comprehensive site on high school math I just found. What makes the site so special is that it is closely tied to the Indian school curriculum - it has a topic map page showing how it links to the CBSE, ICSE and the state boards of all the 4 southern states plus Maharashtra.

Yes, the site is not interactive - but it gives good revision material for a high school student. It also has a nice section on Mathematics in Daily Life.

The best part is - the whole site can be downloaded as a .zip file - how useful for students struggling with low band width and limited internet access!